The sign
of quality

It’s all in the name

Whenever you see the Bridlington Bay Lobster name, you know that the lobster on offer is something special.

It’s your assurance that the lobster meets precise quality standards, has been fished with care and comes from a specific area of British waters. You can even trace the individual lobster back to a named Bridlington Bay fishing boat, business or merchant.

Photo courtesy of Visit East Yorkshire (VEY)

Bridlington Bay Lobster

The Lobster Capital of Europe

Lobster fishing has a long history in this area and many of today’s fleet descend from previous generations who earned their living from the same coastal waters. Through careful management of the stock and fishing waters the catch grew and for over 50 years, Bridlington Bay has landed more lobster than anywhere else in Europe, earning this small area in East Yorkshire the title of Lobster Capital of Europe.

Lobster fishing fleet
Photo courtesy of Visit East Yorkshire (VEY)
All our lobsters are carefully inspected before landing.
Photo courtesy of Northern Shores Marine Consultancy (NSMC)

The true sign of quality

You can buy Bridlington Bay Lobster safe in the knowledge that it hasn’t been flown in from thousands of miles away and it hasn’t been caught somewhere else and been repackaged as ‘local’. All our lobsters are carefully inspected before landing, to ensure they aren’t undersized or with eggs and the fleet is carefully monitored to ensure they meet required standards.

Supporting the history and heritage

Bridlington Bay Lobster brings together the entire local lobster industry, from the people at sea pulling up the pots to the merchants, fishmongers, retailers and the cooks putting the lobster on your plate.

By seeking out Bridlington Bay lobster, you actively support these individuals and their businesses, ensuring this aspect of our island’s fishing heritage continues for future generations.

lobster pot
Photo by Sean Quillen on Unsplash

Buy British lobster, proudly caught in Bridlington Bay

The Bridlington Bay Lobster assurance

Only lobster meeting these criteria can be sold under the Bridlington Bay Lobster name;

  • Live lobster, locally caught within Bridlington Bay.
  • Lobster caught and then processed into products within the Bridlington Bay area.
  • Lobster caught in Bridlington Bay and then processed within the county boundaries of Yorkshire, with fully traceable documentation back to a Bridlington Bay fishing vessel, business or merchant.
Bridlington Bay Lobster | Fresh From The Bay

The Bridlington Bay logo is protected and trademarked by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council and is currently free to use up to December 2024.